Friday, March 15, 2013

How I Make My Comics

In spite of being a kinda-IT-guy, I’m not completely into digital stuff... I like music played with instruments and I also like hand drawn art, so that’s the way I do my line art. First I do a sketch with pencil and then use marker.

When I’m done, I scan the drawing and get something like this:
What's that language? Mexican?

You may notice that the black lines are a bit grayish, also the white background. If you have some experience with image editing you’ll probably tell me to manually correct the contrast and brightness. But I’m too lazy, so I use Inkscape.

Inkscape is freeware; you can download it here and live happily forever. So, the cool thing about Inkscape is that it “re-draws” your image (if it is intended to be b/w). You just need to open the image, click on it, use Shift + Alt + B and you’ll get something like this:

When you press the OK button, the process will start and when It’s over you’ll get something nice like this:

But that’s not all, look closer, those are vectors! Look at the popcorn guy! Isn’t he beautiful?
Iugh, bitmap...

Vector sugoi desu!

Now, I can has color. Inkscape also has the good ol' paint bucket.
Me gustan los tacos.

You’ll have to configure some options for it to work fine...

And then, just click and color.

Hope It’s useful. :)
To see this and more comics go to Power of Power.

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